Lightlife Backyard Grill’n Burgers

Lightlife Backyard Grill’n Burgers

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Yes! This is a new fave at my house. This is a new burger from Lightlife and it pushed all the right buttons for me.


First off, the size was really nice – big enough to actually fill you up for a few hours.


The texture also impressed me right out of the bag, which seemed more like a hand-shaped patty as opposed to a machine made perfectly round burger. The burger cooked up nicely on the skillet, browning and cooking through in about 10 minutes.


And the taste comes close to that of a real meat burger, as opposed to a vegetable based burger. Lastly, unlike Lightlife’s refrigerated Light Burgers, I wasn’t left with a bad aftertaste. Very happy!


Nutrition on the burgers looks pretty good overall. These burgers pack in 20g of protein against just 9g of fat, with only 0.5 g saturated. Sodium levels are also tolerable considering the size of the patty, with 350mg per serving. With iron at 15% of daily value, it’s a good bonus.